Our Services

Headache-Free GPS & AVL Implementation

Implementing AVL requires integration with your enterprise systems and existing 3rd party requirements. CompassCom has every element covered:

We physically install the GPS hardware in your vehicles:

◦We provide our own crews to do the work to wire the vehicles, or
◦We provide installation training to the customers’ staff working on the fleet

We configure the mobile devices.

◦Providing configuration software integration on the devices per customer needs
◦Getting the black boxes to work with digital snowplow spreader controllers, for instance

We set up the servers and databases

◦We work with customers’ internal IT resources to make sure the architecture works well with the specific needs of the enterprise

We set up the GIS and maps infrastructure

◦We work with enterprise GIS, for instance Esri ArcGIS, to ensure the layers are coordinated and seamless
◦We upgrade GIS data on your schedule, not the providers

We provide Administrator training

◦We make sure the people who are in charge of the AVL program have the information they need to get ROI

We give User training

◦We provide classroom style application training on how to use CompassTrac 5, CompassReports, and all the general elements of AVL