Providers of Best In Class Mobile Resource Management Solutions

Why CompassCom?

CompassCom provides a Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Solutions Platform that leverages the best technology in telematics integrated with the Esri ArcGIS platform empowering our clients to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, safety, and accountability. We are a dedicated group of professionals who have been at the forefront of the vehicle, individual, and high-value asset tracking industry since 1994. CompassCom provides products and services internationally with our products offered in multiple languages

We provide flexibility.

There are many wireless carriers. We work with multiple cellular providers, satellite, LMR radio networks, and Wi-Fi.  We can support multiple wireless sources and hardware on the same enterprise. Public Safety on LMR radio and Public Works on a cellular network for your City with a secure common location-based platform tailored for each departments workflow. Our customers don’t have to change communications vendors when they bring on CompassCom. Your organization can continue to use whatever carrier you wish while tracking your assets, from street sweepers to emergency vehicles. Bring your own device (BYOD)  with real-time tracking of vehicles, smartphones, tablets, and ruggedized laptops.

We provide interoperability.

From Public Works to Utility vehicles, Emergency Response,  to Field Service Personnel – whatever your assets, CompassCom makes sure they can all be tracked, simultaneously, seamlessly, in real time. One system shared across the organization with user defined permission, eliminating the need for multiple stove pipe solutions that do not interoperate. Secure hosted or on-premise solutions with solid reporting capability backing up everything so auditing and ROI can be easily accomplished. Leverage the best combination of your GIS data, commercial GIS and Imagery data in a common operational picture tailored to each departments workflow and mission.

We provide options.

We can host your Mobile Resource Mangement solution for you, so you can get immediate online, with limited upfront costs, without stressing limited internal IT resources. Or, we can help you set up a CompassCom Mobile Resource Management Solutions system on-premise to meet organizational data security requirements and control recurring expense costs.

We provide accountability.

Tracking your assets isn’t nearly as expensive as not tracking them. Do you know how much fuel your drivers are using when they idle? Do you know for sure that your field service workers are going directly to where they are supposed to, on the route they are supposed to? And, in the case of disaster, do you know your workers are safe? Do you know exactly where they are so you can send help if needed? Not only will you know in real-time, but you can also run history reports or a replay anytime, quickly and easily to support after-action activities.

We provide customer service.

CompassCom is available to support hardware, wireless connectivity, mapping enhancements and software questions you may have. Support and training programs include online, via telephone or on site.  Our customers are raving fans, and our goal is to support your system to enable you to meet your mission requirements.  We provide upgrades, information and education to our customers with ongoing maintenance plans.