CompassRespond for Wildland Fire Event

Denver, Colorado, April 19, 2023 – CompassRespond, the CompassCom solution for Off-the-Grid operations has become a beneficial component for Public Safety. When it comes to wildland fires, immediate response is necessary and CompassCom provides beneficial situational awareness that provides the location of the emergency response team and allows the emergency response supervisor to quickly assess the situation and verify that the team members are effectively deployed.

CompassTrac and CompassRespond “Exceeded our expectations to improve situational awareness in support our initial attack for a wildland fire event.” This being said by Chief Isaacs (Town of Boone, Fire Department). Chief Isaacs also states that CompassTrac allows his department to ability to see if they are headed in the right direction and is a tremendous help to head off his team or change direction, if need be, and he can integrate new GIS data into the system on the fly.

To hear a see a clip of Chief Isaacs discussing the benefits of CompassRespond, click on one of the following Links:

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