Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio

MOTOTRBO radios support GPS tracking allowing the location of the radio to be tracked in real-time and support historical incident replay.

For the past decade, as a Motorola Solutions Partner, CompassCom is certified to integrate with the Motorola MOTOTRBO radio tracking solution.

  • CompassTrac provides additional features such as geo-fencing and emergency alerts, which can enhance the tracking capabilities of the system.
  • Geo-fencing allows dispatchers to create virtual boundaries around specific areas and receive alerts when a MOTOTRBO radio enters or exits the boundary.
  • CompassTrac tracks emergency alerts when triggered by an individual, allowing dispatchers to quickly locate and assist the affected personnel.
  • CompassCom MOTOTRBO GPS tracking system provides valuable situational awareness for organizations, reducing response time.
  • Leveraging GPS technology, organizations can enhance the safety and security of their personnel and assets in the field.

Motorola MOTOTRBO gps tracking

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