CompassCom for Developers


Flexible platform and apps for configuration of fleet and asset tracking & management applications

CompassCom for Developers is for 3rd party developers and power users of ArcGIS to build real-time asset tracking solutions tailored to their operational requirements. Select components such as in-vehicle hardware bundles, hardware installation, wireless data plansCompassLDE server with API, CompassTrac Viewer, and CompassReports.

Off the shelf CompassLDE connectors to Motorola IMW, Esri GeoEvent, Cityworks asset management, TAIP and NEMA. Pick and choose the components to a custom Fleet Management and Tracking solutions designed for your application.

Public Works Telematics


  • One stop shop for hardware, installation, and wireless solutions for your homegrown solution
  • CompassCom Open API enables 3rd party software systems to integrate easily into existing customer workflows
  • One system configurable to support multiple workflows by agency, department, or group
  • Flexible deployments in the cloud or on-premises
  • Leverage investment in ArcGIS and GeoEvent Server


  • Wealth of establishment input interfaces established including Motorola IMW, Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint and smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • CompassCom support of new input types (Modems, Radios, mobile devices, sensors)
  • On-premise, Hybrid cloud and Cloud deployments
  • SQL database support
  • Established output connectors including Esri GeoEvent, Motorola P1 CAD, TAIP, NEMA, Cityworks asset management Connectors
  • Asset hardware bundles
  • Asset wireless plans