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CompassTracker: Use your fleet drivers' Smartphones to expand your CompassCom AVL program

CompassTracker™, a downloadable smartphone app that ties into the CompassCom System to provide GPS tracking of your mobile workforce, regardless of vehicle.

CompassTracker is designed to automatically provide the same location and metadata as the GPS hardware that is installed on AVL fleet vehicles. It is compiled directly into the Location Data Engine (CompassLDE®).

With the CompassTracker app, real-time information about your entire fleet is available on your CompassTrac viewer – including location data about your drivers or field personal equipped with no more hardware than their smartphones.

All the information appears to the fleet manager seamlessly – including from smartphones loaded with the CompassTracker app – in the same real time and with the same accuracy as your hardwired fleet.

While vehicles appear in your CompassTrac viewer as trucks or cars, the CompassTracker information appears as small cell phones.
•CompassTracker fits in well with the CompassCom AVL solution because it is designed to provide the same benefits of tracking and managing field assets to those workers who are not assigned specific vehicles but who carry Android cell phones.
•Since AVL is already installed, adding CompassTracker is just a further leveraging of the current program, expanding the Return on Investment and level of knowledge for managers of field personnel.
•CompassTracker provides an extra layer of safety for field workers, who may be out of their vehicles if/when something goes wrong that might require emergency help.
•Provides visible or audible alerts, based on discrete inputs.
•Run historical replay reports and the CompassTracker app information will be included – seamlessly.

CompassTracker allows you to monitor and manage your mobile workforce and assets. You can set up CompassTracker to see critical data in near-real time, and you can see replays to verify exactly where and when your people are.
•Receive customized geofence alerts when workers with the CompassTracker app enter or exit a pre-determined area
•Set up alerts to notify you when field workers have stopped, or are speeding
•Connects to CompassLDE® server for complete integration into the CompassCom fleet management program, including replay, reporting and real-time monitoring.
•Displays incident location and status.
•Supports two-way text messaging and statusing

Monitor your field workers whether they are in a vehicle –
or not

Displays precise real-time vehicle location and status
•Increases command and control
Increases fleet efficiency and reduces costs
•Increases field worker safety
Reduces response times
•Broadens the reach of your fleet management program