CompassWorks® Is A SaaS Fleet Management Software Solution

CompassWorks is a SaaS Fleet Management Software Solution that leverages ArcGIS. Users can log in from smartphones, tablets or computers via the web browser to access apps & maps configured to meet your workflow. With SaaS Fleet Management Software, business agility increases, lowering costs, reducing IT complexity and freeing up IT resources.


  • Managed Cloud – SaaS Fleet Management Software reduces costs, increases security and enhances the availability of Fleet Management. Our SaaS Fleet Management Software solution will support your enterprise requirements. Configured to utilize your ArcGIS data to support workflows for individual users and multiple departments.
  • Private Cloud – Organizations that need a dedicated, private cloud ensuring security and control. One solution to support your enterprise requirements. With SaaS Fleet Management Software Solution, configure to utilize your ArcGIS data to support workflows for individual users and multiple departments.



CompassTrac Viewer – CompassTrac app empowered by Esri® ArcGIS technology displays the location and status of vehicles, handsets, sensors or other high value assets in real time, using your background maps tailored to meet your workflow requirements. The CompassTrac app is a flexible solution that can be configured to meet your workflow requirements without turning your organization upside down. CompassTrac is included with CompassWorks.


  • Web-based viewer support access from most any device
  • Displays asset position, speed, heading and status
  • User definable dashboard for KPIs that are meaningful to operations
  • Locates addresses and define geofences on-the-fly
  • Places map pins at user-defined locations (911 caller’s, job sites, incidents, etc.)
  • Provides map zoom and pan capabilities
  • Supports satellite and aerial imagery in standard and compressed format
  • Provides visible or audible alerts, based on discrete inputs
  • Replays one vehicle, a group of vehicles or the entire fleet activity from user-defined date and time
  • Commercially available maps and customer ArcGIS data support background maps
  • Displays incident location and status
  • Supports two-way text messaging


  • Increases command and control
  • Monitors employee and contractor performance
  • Increases fleet efficiency and reduces costs
  • Dispatching of vehicles to the job and/or incidents based on their true location and status
  • Increases driver safety
  • Reduces response times
  • Utilizes current investment in ArcGIS data


CompassReports enables a higher level of command and control through on-the-fly analytics and past-performance reporting of your mobile workforce. Analytics enable after action planning and data to support decisions to improve efficiency and safety. CompassReports is included with CompassWorks.



Reports and analytics to support decision making and after action plans. Reports on individual assets, groups or the entire enterprise. Report time and filters are defined by the user.

Standard Reports:

  • Mileage: Reports mileage driven by selected vehicles or vehicle groups. The report can be filtered for specific IoT inputs (e.g. miles with sirens on or off, miles with plow down).
  • Speed: Reports average and max speed, duration and location for instances where speed surpassed a preset speed for a certain vehicle or vehicle group. Report can be filtered for specific IoT inputs (e.g. sirens off or on) or for a specific Street Name.
  • Job/Stop/Idle: Used to determine stop or idle events. Duration and speed are used for the calculations.  Running this report with an “Ign On” will produce an idle report.
  • Geofence: Know when a vehicle moved in and out of a user defined geofence. Determine time spent in a buffered area around a point, a route or even the city. Determine asset utilization for job locations or features.
  • Inputs: Used to determine miles and duration of IoT input events, such as lights on/off, plow up/down, broom up/down or any other IoT inputs that may be wired on the mobile asset.
  • Turn: Used to determine the number of left vs safer right turns.
  • Activity: This report is useful to ensure that all the wireless GNSS and IoT devices are operational.
  • Snow: Used to summarize material usage, material type, and temperature averages for snow events. When and where materials are applied.
  • Schedule Reports: Allows you to schedule reports to run and be sent to email for any of the above reports.


  • Reports validate workflow and accountability of mobile workforce.
  • Monitor fuel usage and Idle time to operate a green fleet
  • Save time and money by monitoring performance with data from your mobile assets
  • Drive behavior data enables opportunities to support training efforts improving safety
  • Monitor trends in equipment to avoid costly repairs
  • Monitor time on job sites to improve efficiency and gain worker productivity


Real-time alerts where and when user defined action occurred. CompassAlerts is available as an option for CompassWorks.


  • Speeding, geofence, check engine or other IoT status alarms sent to the CompassTrac viewer.
  • Configure the appropriate user to receive SMS text message or email to their mobile device or desktop
  • Alerts are archived for after action reporting and analysis


  • Real-time alerts allow enhanced command and control
  • Prevent expensive repairs on vehicles by having the driver take appropriate action
  • Identify potential problems and respond before things get out of control
  • Digital message of status is more efficient than making a voice call
  • Alerts can recognize hotspots and trends in the field as things happen


Real-Time monitoring of selected engine diagnostics parameters for vehicles. J-Bus, OBDII and CAN bus data for individual units or the entire fleet. CompassDiagnostics is available as an option for CompassWorks.


  • Monitor key performance indicators of individual, groups or the entire fleet of vehicles
  • Set thresholds for alerts to be sent to selected users via SMS text or email to monitor performance
  • Data is archived in CompassWorks for after trend analysis of fleet performance


  • Reduce expensive fleet maintenance costs
  • Prevent catastrophic failures by identifying problems before they become critical
  • Turn over problem vehicles before they begin costing money or reduce field efficiency
  • Identify unsafe vehicles that may result in an accident

Telematic Bundles

Low cost vehicle hardware, wireless and installation bundles are available to match the equipment to your workflow to ensure the best solution available at the lowest cost.


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