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Your Enterprise AVL Solution - Fleet Management across departments and agencies

No agency stands alone – the various departments and groups that all work together to make an enterprise productive need interoperable solutions. When it comes to fleet management, CompassCom is that solution.

Alone or in combination, if your enterprise includes departments sending workers into the field, using mobile assets such as vehicles, laptops, or expensive equipment that should be tracked, geo-fenced and/or reverse geo-fenced, CompassCom can bring the information together into one seamless whole to allow managers command and control, within a secure environment.

Our technology enables IT managers to set priority and control access via passwords between users and departments. So everyone who needs access to the AVL program has it; and anyone who does not need in – can’t.

Government Enterprise

CompassCom fleet management will work across all departments in any city:

•Public Works
•Public Safety
•Road & Bridge
•Emergency Management

•Water, sewer

Oil and Gas

Service Fleets
•DH Pace
•Samaratanea (Road Angels)
•Snowplow provider companies

•Heavy Asset geo-fencing

General Business Enterprise fleet
•Delivery vehicles for any industry vertical
•Heavy Asset geo-fencing