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Fleet Management Software Hosting

CompassCom gives you the flexibility of two basic hosting options for Fleet Management Software Hosting. CompassCom can host your fleet management software in our data center,  Our data center is a safe, secure and environmentally controlled room with back-up power which means  no down time.  This proprietary software service is called CompassWorks.  Another option is to host the fleet management software at your location.

CompassCom provides a no cost consulting service. This service will help us identify your needs, and as a result, help you choose the right software and equipment that fits your needs and your budget. In addition, CompassCom will evaluate and determine if your hardware is compatible with our system. Check CompassCom Consulting for more information.

CompasWorks is a Esri ArcGIS cloud based solution. The ArcGIS system offered by CompassCom can be used with any fleet vehicle GPS tracking system. The software is designed to be completely scalable for any fleet, regardless of the size of your fleet or industry. Our fleet management software is engineered by our developers to allow supervisors, field managers and owners the ability to manage their fleet. Furthermore, you see immediate Return on Investment (ROI). For our more information regarding services for installation and implementation check CompassCom Installation

CompassWorks fleet management software includes secure, accessible data, whether through your office desktop, mobile computers, cell phone or home office. Fleet managers, incident commanders or executives can keep track of their mobile resources from anywhere that there is internet connectivity.

CompassCom customers have the flexibility in choosing  fleet management software hosting based on their requirements. The fleet management system hosted through CompassWorks keeps the program in CompassCom secure data center; or, if you prefer, the CompassCom software solution can reside on your premises. We provide premier installation and support services.


Benefits of CompassCom Hosting Fleet Management Software

  • The entire fleet management software hosting program requires minimal system administration
  • We provide peace of mind for fleet managers who don’t want the hassle of maintaining data center
  • Keep your capital investment low, as you pay as you use
  • Hosting fleet management software save costs on IT
  • You see immediate ROI, improve safety and efficiency by monitoring your vehicles or any other high-value assets on our cloud based system
  • CompassCom give you the option to host the software program on-site, or take advantage of our hosted service: CompassWorks
  • Provide an easy fleet management software upgrade so that your fleet management software is always up to date
  • With our hosting service, your data is always secure and accessible.