Who We Serve

For Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies the advantages of MRM are clear:

Government Fleet Management – Integration Across Departments

Government agencies across the board are finding themselves tasked with doing more for less – tight budgets and high public demand for services has everyone stretched to the maximum.

In this environment, leveraging pre-existing investments such as GIS data sets is just smart money management. With the cost of GIS already allocated, along with wireless plans, fleet vehicles with GPS technology, emergency command and control plans devised… bringing in interoperable fleet management that brings measurable value to all these expenses is a smart decision.

CompassCom has worked with government at all levels since our beginning in 1994.

We continue to push cutting edge technology in our industry through our completely flexible, interoperable AVL solution. We are committed to problem solving and creating partnerships to ensure our clients’ requests are met. For instance, we recently signed an agreement to provide On-Board Diagnostic capability along with our real-time AVL, through Prova Systems OBD-II technology.

A long-time Esri business partner, we provide solutions that work with Esri ArcGIS® version 10 and also continue to provide solutions and support clients who are still on versions 8 and 9. We can work with any GIS data set your agency uses.

For seamless viewing, powerful reporting, risk mitigation, meeting compliance regulations and bringing all department vehicles into a single fleet management program, CompassCom offers a complete, unique package.

True Integration Ensures Disaster Preparedness:

Disaster Preparedness includes interoperability with Radio as well as Wireless, Wi-Fi and Mesh Networks so if one goes down, you maintain your Common Operating Picture and Effective Incident Command

Many government agencies are concerned about emergency communications in times of disaster. Because CompassCom offers a unique solution that works seamlessly with both wireless carriers and Motorola ASTRO® 2-way radio networks, if a disaster were to occur that would take down wireless, the radio network could continue to work without interruption, allowing command and control to continue to access GPS-based location in real-time for all field assets, coordinating services and maintaining awareness.