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Is your Public Works Department responsible for Mosquito control?

AVL for Mosquito Control

Many mucipalities with mosquito problems have begun tracking the mosquito populations in their GIS data sets. This aids in knowing where to spray and in measuring effectiveness of the program over years.

With Fleet Management incorporated into your mosquito control program, you can:

•Track vehicle locations and insecticide spraying in real time
•Improve data capture to measure actual results
•Incorporate better mosquito population tracking data into your GIS system – measure results year by year to continually improve the mitigation program
•Prevent driver injuries and vehicle thefts
•Control the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus
•Speed response time and allow real-time incident command and control, on and off site
•Information can be available to all authorized users in a variety of locations from any web-enabled device, including mobile devices, viewing a common operational picture
•Information (stripped down and time-lagged as required) can be provided to the public for improved customer service

Consider www.scrc-mi.org/kiosk/ – this is the CompassAVL portal available through the Saginaw County, MI, Road Commission for their snowplow fleet. The map shows the past 10 hours of information; when accessed during a snowstorm, citizens can zoom in to their specific streets and neighborhoods to follow the route of snowplows. The same kind of information available for our clients using mosquito sprayers (as well as street sweepers, etc.)

“If there is an emergency, we can find the vehicle.”

Josh Clemente, Florida Keys Mosquito Control


Mosquito Abatement Expressed in Real Time

Fort Collins, Colorado, Publishes Live Web Map on its West Nile Virus Prevention Efforts

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado, monitors the threat of West Nile virus, a typically mosquito-borne illness. Recommendations from the Health Department prompted the City Manager to recommend that action be taken in the form of a mosquito-spraying! 

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AVL For Mosquito Control