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Public Works: Leverage GIS Investment with Fleet Management Efficiencies

Does your Public Works agency use GIS or Work Order Management software?
Leverage existing IT investments, such as Esri ArcGIS®, Cityworks®, Accela® Maximo®, or others – to allow AVL deployment without incurring capital costs for purchasing and maintaining additional servers and workstations.

Do the many departments within your Public Works agency require true interoperability?
CompassCom solutions are “network agnostic,” allowing users to select their communications carrier of choice, including wireless (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc); 2-way radio networks such as Motorola’s ASTRO®. In fact, CompassCom can work with a variety of communications inputs simultaneously, providing a seamless stream of data for your real-time viewing, historical replay, measurement and reporting.

See our White Paper on Interoperability

Is Reporting important to you for Measurement and to prove ROI?
CompassReports® provides automatic compiling of standard queries for useful, standardized reporting on the fleet management categories that boil down to ROI – including idle time, turn reports, geofencing and others. Customized reports can also be set up that provide accurate reports in minutes.

Do you have a public-facing website?
Provide your citizens with the data that makes them happy: where are the snowplows? Where have the mosquito-spray trucks been? CompassCom can set up a slightly-delayed viewer to tie to your community website.

Proven Value

•Control your budget and lower costs through operations monitoring, route management and compliance
•Costs for ruggedized wireless GPS modems continues to fall as the hardware technology becomes standardized, making for even faster ROI
•Run a “Green” fleet and reduce the carbon footprint; use less fuel; use fewer chemicals; manage maintenance better to ensure cleaner performance