Oil & Gas

It's Time for AVL in the Oil and Gas Industry!

Fleet management technology is ideal for the oil and gas industry, for:

  • increasing efficiency and safety for field operators
  • improving the bottom line by allowing better fuel usage
  • ensuring better personnel behavior on the job
    meeting compliance standards (“green” initiatives) for better risk mitigation and lower insurance costs

In oil and gas, the workforce is out in the field, exploring, reporting, drilling, constructing, providing services – so personnel safety and behavior is crucial to the bottom line, every day.

Operator Safety

  • Know where your operators are
    ○ Send the closest or most appropriate personnel to the exact location needed to deal with sudden issues – and accommodate emergencies in the most efficient manner
    ○ Plan routes with safety and fuel efficiency in mind
    ○ Improve communication across departments
    ○ Field operators and office staff can both be part of incident command using
  • CompassRespond
    ○ Different divisions can all be tracked seamlessly, even with different wireless carriers and GPS hardware, using CompassLDE
    ○ Monitor speeding and other aggressive driving behavior that can lead to safety problems as well as lower fuel efficiency

Asset Tracking and Management

  • Keep tabs on your high-value assets
    • Trailers, drilling rigs, backhoes, generators – can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Geofence them and know if they go out of their designated area with immediate alerts
  • Monitor fuel consumption with accurate data
    • See when vehicles are idling (both emissions and fuel consumption)
    • Track other chemical usages, depending on asset (how much sand is dumped, how much herbicide sprayed, how much liquid used)
  • Access vehicle diagnostics to integrate with maintenance programs, so vehicles are serviced when needed, limiting downtime and costly repairs

Pull auditing reports for fleet and mobile assets in minutes through CompassReports

Oil and Gas accounting and other back-end enterprise software can tie in seamlessly with CompassCom's AVL program.

Our long experience with integrating 3rd party software, such as for Work Order Management, has given us the expertise needed to bring CompassCom smoothly into your existing Back-End solution.