Service Fleets

No Matter The Size of Your Fleet - AVL Provides
Fast ROI

Do you make deliveries?
Do you have service representatives in the field?

Then AVL is right for you. No matter how large or small your fleet may be, the money you save on fuel and personnel time can add up quickly.

  • Plan your routes in the most efficient way
    ◦Do you find your vehicles add up mileage while passing each other as they make deliveries? Route management can save time and money
    ◦If your company uses a variety of vehicles such as vans, trucks, specialized vehicles – you can see in real-time with a glance, where they are
  • Ensure driver safety
    ◦Know where your field personnel are – if something goes wrong (traffic accident, attempted cargo theft or injury) – you can know immediately and send emergency response fast to their exact location