Why CompassCom?

CompassCom provides a Mobile Resource Management Platform that leverages the best technology in telematics integrated with the Esri ArcGIS platform empowering our clients to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, safety, and accountability. We are a dedicated group of professionals who have been in the forefront of vehicle, individual, and high value asset tracking industry since 1994. CompassCom provides products and services internationally with our products offered in multiple languages.

Customer Success Stories

Reading through our customer success stories allows you to learn how real-life CompassCom customers are enhancing their fleet operations by improving customer service, enhancing safety, efficiency and accountability while also reducing costs and vehicle downtime.


CompassWorks is your complete hosted MRM solution. Users login anywhere with secure web access to CompassTrac and CompassReports apps configured to meet your workflow requirements. CompassWorks designed to be completely scalable for any fleet, regardless of size or industry. Configured with your GIS and online base maps
empowering supervisors, field managers and owners the ability to track their vehicles, handsets and high value assets.

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Clients & Testimonials

  • “Bin location displayed as a different color on the AVL map,allows a front desk operator to handle 90 percent of [telephone] inquiries regarding missed trash pickups right then and there.”

     Brandon Logo

    Andrew Wilson, Asset Management Coordinator for Brandon Operations
  • “The Streets Superintendent knows how much activities cost…and compares it with other cities and the private sector – and provides the information to the city council, It’s great for budgeting.” Fort Collins Logo


    Scott Bowman, City of Fort Collins
  • “Responsiveness to citizens is the most important ROI,” Gilette Logo


    Doug Ninas, City of Gillette GIS Manager
  • “We want to know…the drivers going the speed limit, stopping and making safe turns”  City of Ofallon Logo


    Chad Quinn, GIS Coordinator, City of O’Fallon
  • “It tells a story of how often plows make it through the city and maintain our service goals”
    South Jordan Logo


    Glen Kennedy, Division Manager in Public Works, South Jordan
  • “I pull CompassTrac up at home at night to see when the plows go out and again in the morning to see where they’ve been” South Jordan Logo


    Anne Hansen, Public Works Operations Manager, South Jordan
  • “We use the AVL to find the closest unit to a traffic incident caused by snow, that saves time and minimizes secondary accidents.” WYDOT logo


    Jason Fernandez, Wyoming DOT, TMC Engineer
  • “The Panic Button is one of our favorite features” Newaygo Logo


    Melissa Homrich, Human Resources & Safety Coordinator, Newaygo County Road Commission
  • “If there is an emergency, we can find the vehicle, we dispatch public safety personnel to the back country after field staff fail to check in at their assigned times.” Florida Keys Logo


    Josh Clemente, Florida Keys Mosquito
  • “It’s been an easy system to work with and it’s well supported”City of Racine


    Mike Ferderer, City of Racine MIS Department
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