Since 1994 CompassCom has delivered accurate data you can trust to empower results, leveraging the power of Esri ArcGIS.

More than vehicles on a map, CompassCom delivers real-time data to enhance command and control, based on an Esri ArcGIS common operational picture.  Providing our solution internationally to governments, public safety, defense, public works, DOTs, utilities, energy, and organizations that want an off the shelf solution that has the flexibility to be tailored to support their mission. Data is archived in industry standard databases for after action replay and analytics. Our users experience measurable ROI for improved safety, efficiency, accountability, and sustainability to enable continuous improvement to support operational excellence.

  • Accuracy – We are about accurate Geospatial Information. Our accurate, current and consistent data is a differentiator for our business. We strive to be 5x better than what is available in the market today.

  • Trust – We develop partnerships with our customers, vendors and community. These stakeholders do business with us because they trust us to provide great products, services and stand behind what we say and do. Trust has resulted in a sustained business, for over 27 years and counting.

  • Results – Our products and services empower our customers to deliver  accuracy, safety, efficiency, accountability, and sustainability to build great products, make great decisions and grow their influence on their community.

Let us help you discover how to improve your operations
with off-the-shelf Fleet Tracking and Management of mobile assets,
enhanced by Esri ArcGIS maps to support your workflows.

To learn more about how CompassCom can help increase operational efficiencies and improve constituent satisfaction:


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