Public Works

Public Works, financed and constructed by the government, carries a heavy responsibility for the recreational, employment, and health and safety of the greater community - transportation infrastructure, public services, public spaces and buildings, among other assets and facilities.

CompassCom fleet tracking and management software applications provide real-time and historical information. This insight translates into actionable, data-driven intelligence that informs operations, resulting in optimized processes that help keep communities functioning effectively and safely.

Snow plow tracking software

Constituent Satisfaction
  • Enhanced public engagement and civic inclusion
  • More expedient, data-driven dispute resolution
  • Increased transparency

Sweeping is a Science

Operational Efficiencies
  • More effective workflows through integrated solutions.
  • Optimize fleet routing and field crew planning.
  • Enhanced visibility into operations leading to better decision making with regards to asset use, maintenance, and management to maximize capital investments.
  • Improved driver safety.
  • Supports regulatory compliance.


Esri public works telematics

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