Public Safety

Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Fire, EMS the safety of our communities is Paramount

The element often overlooked and not taken into consideration by the public, that is critically imperative, is the safety of operational assets; both human and mechanical. CompassCom fleet management and tracking software safety applications provide mission-critical information and insight that translate into actionable, data-driven intelligence that inform operations, resulting in optimized processes that help keep all components safe.

Phone GPS tracker

Reduced Response Times

  • Enabling response to emergency communications.
  • Getting the right resource to the right place, at the right time.
  • More effective workflows through integrated systems.
  • Enhanced situational awareness.
  • Ability to improve upon processes, training, and operations.

First Responder Safety

  • Immediate communication of emergency situations.
  • Enables critical decision making in real-time.
  • Peace of mind provided by visibility of the active area of incident.
  • "Off-the-grid" supported tactical operations.

First responder Motorola P25 radio tracking

Motorola Police GPS tracking

Law Enforcement

  • Our standards-based platform can easily be integrated with any product suite providing 911, crime analytics, video and computer aided dispatch.
  • Our system effectively reduces your incident response times and scales from the smallest local responder team to one tracking thousands of law enforcement vehicles and personnel.
  • We will consolidate, on one platform, the location data for your radios, cellular modems and smart phones and deliver this data to your dispatch personnel in one view enabling reduced response times and save lives.

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