Motorola radio tracking for tactical response

When real-time situational awareness and safety are paramount and wireless coverage is limited or not available you need CompassRespond®. The portable system is loaded with Esri ArcGIS maps on a ruggedized laptop customized for your area of operation.  Motorola® APX handheld radios in simplex "Talk Around" mode or with a Motorola PDR8000 portable repeater provide enhanced conventional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) coverage for your mission and is the ideal last mile tracking solution for the "off-the-grid" tactical operations. Enhanced command and control for search and rescue, SWAT, disaster response and wildfire missions.

CompassRespond Package

  • Delivered as a complete-ready to deploy package. CompassRespond ships in a hardened plastic case which includes: Ruggedized laptop computer with both standard and vehicle chargers. The case is customized to provide protection for a Motorola Solutions APX Series portable radio, charger, and programming cable.

Track Motorola APX radios

Motorola MOTOTRBO gps tracking

CompassRespond Map Data

  • CompassRespond system comes pre-loaded with base map
  • Additional base map data can be purchased upon request
  • Customers with appropriate Esri® GIS training can provide their own area of operations maps


  • One person deploys ruggedize mission-ready tactical solution in minutes
  • Supervisors can coordinate all team members in real-time on the common operational picture
  • Monitor tactical response resources and quickly re-direct as on the ground conditions change
  • Command and control of assets anywhere on-demand to protect the lives of the team and the public they serve


  • Supports location tracking for Motorola®APX Series P25 portable & mobile radios
  • Real-time display of radio assets on your map display
  • Supports location transmitted on Push-to-Talk (PTT)
  • Location transmitted with an alert to the map display when Emergency Button is pushed on radio
  • Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK) support
  • Location can be reported based on pre-determined radio cadence on distanced traveled
  • Supports on the fly Geofencing Alerts
  • Supervisors can poll radio location-on-demand
  • Historically Replay feature provides support after-action "incident analysis"
  • Empowered by ArcGIS map data
  • The customer has the capability to load their own Area of Operations (AO) map data

Motorola APX GPS tracking, Tactical P25 radio tracking

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