About Us - Our Partners

CompassCom Interoperability and Flexibility through long-term partner relationships

CompassCom is unique in that it works with most any wireless carrier, and any standard GIS software and hardware. We have relationships with Asset Management companies such as Cityworks®, LMR radio suppliers such as Motorola and a free connector to Esri GeoEvent Processor to support plug and play of mobile assets in the ArcGIS platform. Our CompassLDE Platform has a published API and is web service based to support 3rd party developers to customize our solutions to meet your exact fleet management and workflow requirements. The CompassLDE Platform supports 3rd party integration and interoperability of location based data to eliminate multiple stove pipe solutions across the enterprise.

We are seeking valued partners that have requirements for real time location based data to support automated decisions in their enterprise solution. We have special relationships with several top companies, including:

•Esri®– Free connector to GeoEvent Processor to support plug and play of mobile assets into the ArcGIS Platform. CompassCom Apps support ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online background maps to build a common operational picture to support your mission requirements. CompassReports App provides historical reporting for ArcGIS users.
•Azteca CityWorks®– Integrates real time mobile asset data into the Cityworks workflow eliminating multiple viewers to dispatch and generate work orders. CompassReports provide analytics on fleet performance.
•Motorola®– Integrates real time location based data from Motorola LMR, LTE and Turbo hardware into CompassTrac Esri based display app, CompassReports app and CompassRespond apps for tactical solutions. Certified to integrate to the Motorola UNS Platform, CompassCom is a standard solution offered by Motorola to enable location based services on the current and future installations of Motorola networks around the Globe.

Our  partners typically leverage  our CompassLDE Platform with other components listed below that support their delivery of a complete location based solution to their customer base:

1)Mobile Hardware device, GPS, Radio, Sensor, Computer, PDA, Tablet, Smartphone

2)Connectivity: wireless, wi-fi, satellite, radio

3)Data interoperability server to manage disparate communication systems and devices –  CompassLDE Platform

4) Customer GIS data, commercial mapdata, imagery to support defined workflow

5)Management software apps, incident management apps, workflow apps, Reporting apps, and application specific software that enables the customer to make decisions in real time.

CompassCom by design offers an interoperable location based data platform to support 3rd party integration to empower real time GIS and data management of assets. If you are a CAD, ERP, Asset Management or enterprise software solution looking to add real time location data to enhance your solution, contact CompassCom to receive a demo and interface documentation to support integration.

•Latitude Geographics®- A partnership that makes real-time mobile asset tracking directly accessible in Latitude’s popular Geocortex Essentials product. Asset location, mapping and messaging data captured by the CompassLDE platform can now be ported seamlessly for display into a Geocortex map interface.

•Carahsoft®- As the master government aggregator and distributor for the industry’s leading IT manufacturers, Carahsoft provides easy access to CompassCom products without going through time consuming and costly procurement cycles. CompassCom Esri based MRM products provide real-time tracking of vehicles, handsets, high value assets and IoT devices.  The government approved GSA, NASA and State contract vehicles ensure the agency is getting the value and delivery needed to meet their project requirements.