CompassTrac Enterprise™

On-premise Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) - Enterprise vehicle tracking 

CompassTrac Enterprise™ on-premise system to support deployments where ownership, control and security is the requirement. Enterprise fleet tracking and management behind your firewall, within your infrastructure, on-premises that works with your ArcGIS platform, enterprise systems, and policies. AI hardened systems available to support the most stringent security requirements.


  • CompassTrac Enterprise™ On-Premise GPS tracking to support deployments where ownership, control, and security are the requirements
  • Provides a single Fleet Management and Tracking system that can maintain and manage all of your real-time tracking across the enterprise eliminating stovepipe applications
  • COTs GIS-centric solution that leverages the power of ArcGIS to empower users to easily configure the mapping experience to provide answers not just dots on a map.
  • With secure internet access users support command and control from the office, mobile, or work at home staff.
  • Empower system administrators to control historic data stored to meet organizations' data retention plans.
  • Scalable tracking for small fleets to thousands of vehicles, smartphones, Motorola radios, and high-value assets.

CompassTrac Enterprise™

CompassCom deploys it’s “Mission Critical” GPS tracking system as a secure on-premises solution and can provide the System Integration (SI) services to ensure that the Server and CompassTrac server software are compliant with Information Assurance IA standards. Successfully installed in Civilian & Department of Defense agencies within the United States and International locations.

CompassTrac Enterprise™ provides one platform to acquire disparate asset types into one single server such as:

  • Motorola P25 APX Series Radios
  • Motorola TRBO DMR Radios
  • Sierra Wireless Cellular Modems
  • Cradlepoint Wireless Cellular Modems
  • CalAmp Wireless Cellular Modems
  • IOS Phones

GPS tracking Motorola radios

Locate APX radios

CompassCom MapSeries

CompassCom  MapSeries brings your disconnected environment a rich selection of customized Maps produced with customer and industry leading data sources, tailored to the workflow of your operation.

For CompassTrac Enterprise in a disconnected environment, the end-user map services are connected to ArcGIS on-premises. CompassCom, customized maps on-premises empower managers and commanders to see vehicles, handheld devices and high value assets tracked in real-time with a common operational picture important for mission success.


  • Asset polling frequency can be set to your requirements from a few second to minutes.
  • Data is stored in an industry-standard database with open access to the administrator to support document retention plans.
  • CompassLDE™ is installed on-premise behind your firewall as a platform to support enterprise GPS tracking of vehicles, handheld devices, and high-value assets.
  • Supports commercial wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.)
  • In-vehicle and handheld mobile radios, LMR, LTE (Motorola®).
  • Satellite communications (Iridium).
  • Intakes data from most any GNSS enabled devices. (BYOD).
  • Supports two-way messaging transmission: mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to dispatch.
  • Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK) support
  • Support onboard IoT sensors to monitor asset statuses and states such as:
    • Plow up/down
    • Broom up/down
    • PTO on/off
    • Services lights running
    • Check engine light on
    • Seat Belt engaged
    • Engine Diagnostics via OBD / Can Bus
    • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) through LDAP

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