Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Fleet and Asset Tracking & Management Solution in the Cloud

Manage your people, vehicles, mobile devices, and other high-valued assets from anywhere on any device, with secure web access to apps and maps configured to meet your workflow. CompassWorks™ hosted service increases business agility, lowers startup costs, and reduces reliance on internal IT resources. Managed, Private or Hybrid cloud options available.


  • Lower startup cost
  • Eliminates the dependency on internal IT department staff resources
  • Increases command and control
  • Monitors employee and contractor performance
  • Dispatching of vehicles to the job and/or incidents based on their true location and status
  • Increases driver safety
  • Reduces response times
  • Meet sustainability goals for green and efficient fleet
  • Utilizes current investment in ArcGIS data


With CompassWorks™ cloud environment, users’ login anywhere via desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone with secure web access to apps and maps configured to meet your workflow. Hosted services increase your business agility, lowering costs, reducing IT complexity, and freeing up IT resources. We leverage ArcGIS to meet you mission requirements.

AVL tracking with Engine Diagnostics


  • CompassWorks™ Viewer supports desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones
  • In-vehicle and handhelds mobile radio, LMR, LTE (Motorola®).
  • GPS tracking to enhance workflows by integrating disparate IoT devices into one telematics solution...
    • Snowplows - spreader material, temperature sensors, public facing viewer
    • Sweepers - service lights, speed, activity
    • Waste Management - arm up/down, camera, Onboard Diagnostics (OBD)
    • Mosquito Sprayers - public facing viewers, Esri workflows
    • Mowers - activity, Work Order Management and Maintenance systems
    • Airports - collision avoidance, ADSB, asset management
    • Parks & Recreation - Safety, asset management, field mobility, Work Order Management systems
  • Intakes data from most any GNSS enabled devices. (BYOD).
  • Asset polling frequency can be set to your requirements from a few seconds to minutes.
  • Data is stored in an industry-standard database with open access to the administrator to support document retention plans.
  • Supports commercial wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.).
  • Satellite communications (Iridium).
  • Supports two-way messaging transmission: mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-dispatch.
  • AVL tracking with engine diagnostics

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