ESRI Connectors

CompassCom platform normalizes the location data from your mobile asset independent of the device type and communications network to enhance your ESRI workflow through the ESRI Connectors.

As an Esri Partner for over 29 years, CompassCom has a unique understanding of how to integrate the world leading GIS platform to empower real-time data into your ArcGIS applications. We plug and play with:
  • ArcGIS Velocity
  • ArcGIS On-Line
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent
  • ArcGIS map services

Velocity telematics

Fully utilize your workflow investment using ESRI through Map services inputs into CompassCom or public facing viewer development utilizing AVL output from one of our ESRI connectors.

ESRI public works telematics

Adding ESRI ArcGIS Snowplow priority routes using Map Services

Arcgis real-time tracking

Adding high resolution imagery from ESRI ArcGIS using Map Services

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