Enhance safety and reduce response time through Motorola P25 Astro GPS tracking.​

Revolutionize your fleet management with our advanced GPS tracking software, expertly integrated with the robust capabilities of Motorola ASTRO radios. With this seamless integration, your team benefits from enhanced communication, ensuring constant connectivity and streamlined coordination. Our platform doesn’t just track radios in real-time – it brings you insightful analytics and adaptable reporting, all while leveraging the reliability of Motorola ASTRO radios to keep your team in sync. ​

Motorola Astro GPS tracking​

Motorola P25 Astro GPS Tracking Solution

  • Improve officer safety
  • Reduce response times
  • Post event learning
  • Reduced organization risk
  • Low investment cost
  • Recovery of lost LMR equipment


  • Real time track the users' location on the map​
  • Check the status of the radios​
  • Breadcrumbs of recent path of radios​
  • Enhanced safety and efficiency ​
  • Reduced search times​
  • Rapid dispute resolution​
  • Lower organizational risk


  • Real time display on ESRI map​
  • Updated location with Push to Talk​
  • Emergency Pushbutton response on map & audio alert​
  • Poll on demand​
  • GeoRoute Alerts​
  • Flexible output connector
  • Location on cadence or custom defined events
  • Custom Maps and Map Services
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Historical Replay
  • Reports
  • Weather layers
  • Last known location

GPS radio tracking​

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