Security & Defense

Security and Defense are tasked with the profound responsibility of protecting people, organizations, communities, nations and their assets. Faced with increasingly complex threats and hazards, being able to understand and analyze areas of high risk and vulnerability is imperative.

CompassCom GPS tracking and mapping solutions empowers visibility into operations, providing insight through data-driven analysis. Using location intelligence, provides users the ability to prepare for, prevent, manage and recover from events efficiently and effectively, while also assisting in keeping members safe.

Motorola Radio Tracking App

Member Safety
  • Assists with rapid emergency response times.
  • Enhanced delivery of emergency services to base community.
  • "Off-the-grid" supported tactical operations.
  • Awareness of individual motorola tactical radios, being able to analyze and support any immediate risk or threat.


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Improved Operations
  • Real-time location of critical response assets.
  • Immediate communications of emergency situations.
  • Enables critical decision making in real-time.
  • Timely alerting of assets entering or leaving security sensitive area(s).
  • Ensures compliance with IA Standards.
  • Data-driven process and training improvements.
  • Enables ATAK enhanced capabilities.


motorola radio support

DND purchased CompassTrac Enterprise system to track new recruits in the bombing range, they wanted to make sure everyone is in a safe area before they push the button. You guys should be proud of what you do because you save lives."

Captain Jim Murphy
SEARS SDT Leader - Department of National Defense Canada