Advanced technologies are enhancing the ability to detect and respond to outages while maintaining a safe, flexible operating environment.

For the energy sector, the primary focus is on efficiency of operations to provide services and the safety of their workers. New technologies must grow with the organizations to ensure customers have access to clean, reliable service. CompassCom GTS Tracking and Mapping Solutions empower efficient operations and enable data-driven process improvements resulting in increased operational safety, timely resolutions, and reduction in costs.

Tactical radio tracking

Operational Efficiencies

  • Reduce fuel consumption and decrease maintenance costs.
  • Minimize insurance costs through loss prevention of high-value assets.
  • Rapid response to outages.
  • Supports regulatory compliance. Optimize field crew planning.
  • Ability to improve on processes, training, and operations.
  • Enhanced visibility leading to better decision making with regards to asset use, maintenance, and management to maximize capital investments.

Worker Safety

  • Immediate communication of emergency situations.
  • Enables critical decision making in real-time.
  • Awareness of individual worker location supporting risk assessment and improving lone worker safety.
  • Enhanced driver safety.

Fleet asset tracking

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