Empowering User-Driven Innovation: The Inaugural AVL Snow User Conference

CompassAVL snowplow plowing a snowy street

CompassCom Software recently hosted our first annual AVL Snow user conference in Englewood, Colorado, uniting customers from the Denver Metro area with our development team to steer the course of our software solutions. This event sparked collaborative discussions, tackling current challenges, and outlining wish

list items for future releases. The conference is a way to showcase our dedication to user-centric design, ensuring that our products remain aligned with the evolving needs of our customers.

The AVL Snow user conference marked a pivotal moment in CompassCom Software’s journey towards deepening customer engagement. Through fostering an open dialogue between our customers and developers, our objectives were clear:


  • Deepen our grasp of user requirements
  • Prioritize forthcoming development endeavors
  • Offer tailored support for present challenges

Our Discussions:

  1. Collaborative Problem-Solving: Customers shared their experiences, while our development team provided expert insights, resulting in tangible solutions for current pain points.
  2. Wish List Prioritization: Users collectively assessed their desired features, enabling us to channel our efforts towards the most impactful enhancements for forthcoming releases.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Participants forged invaluable connections, cultivating a community poised to perpetuate innovation and support.

The inaugural AVL Snow user conference underscored the potency of user-driven innovation. By involving our customers in the development process, we ensure that our software solutions effectively address real-world needs, fostering success for both our users and CompassCom Software. We eagerly anticipate sustained collaboration and growth at future events.

Our Customers thoughts on our event:

“The conference provided a unique chance to influence the future of AVL Snow and connect with fellow users. We’re excited to see our suggestions come to life!”

“CompassCom’s commitment to user feedback is impressive. We left with solutions to current challenges and a clear understanding of the development roadmap.”