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CompassCom Is An ESRI® Based MRM Designed To Work With Esri ArcGIS

Fully realize the benefits of your GIS investment in Esri technology by incorporating CompassCom’s ESRI based MRM solution.

CompassCom is part of an elite group of Esri Business Partners that has been associated with the industry leader in GIS software for over 20+ years. Users of ArcGIS can leverage the power of professional GIS integrated with CompassCom MRM. Our ESRI based MRM software is configured to work with all these Esri products:

  • ArcGIS Server – CompassTrac map display can be configured to ingest custom maps and geoprocessing services provided by ArcGIS Server.
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension – CompassCom provides a free connector from the CompassLDE Server to the ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension.
  • ArcGIS Online – CompassTrac map display uses online data for the base maps and publicly available data. ArcGIS Online data can be mashed up with the clients GIS data to produce the best possible common operational picture.
  • ArcGIS Desktop – CompassTrac renders .mxd files created with this desktop software.
  • ArcSDE — AVL data can be “sunk” into an SDE for further geoprocessing.

CompassCom is comfortable using earlier versions of ArcGIS as well, and can also aid in the upgrade transition, whenever our customers are ready.

Enhance your work flow by utilizing your GIS data in the background of your MRM or integrated Esri based work flow management apps. Our CompassLDE (Location Data Engine) Server delivers vehicle, handset and high value asset location based data to the Esri platform. With a single sign on, the end users experience is designed to use your Esri map data for the background that meets your work flow requirements. Public Works, Water Department, Utilities Public Safety departments see maps configured from their ArcGIS platform with the view that enables them to make decisions in real time. Replay, geofence and reporting apps leverage your GIS data empowering your organization to measure real performance of your mobile workforce. AVL systems that only use the shelf map data from internet providers do not show a feature rich common operational picture required today to support operational safety, accountability and efficiency.

CompassCom offers the most flexible and configurable MRM system in the Esri market today. Options we provide:

  • Our CompassWorks hosted solution can utilize your ArcGIS data in a secure environment to provide on demand MRM with single sign on. Your hosted solution will provide the CompassTrac app for viewing on a desktop computer or mobile devices. It also includes the CompassReports app for analytics of mobile asset performance.
  • We can install your MRM on site leveraging your Esri ArcGIS server and ArcGIS online data. CompassLDE server is installed behind your firewall to deliver location and status data to CompassTrac Viewers, GeoEvent Extension, CompassReports and deliver data to 3rd party software applications via rest service. Having the CompassLDE platform onsite enables your organization to configure your MRM to  meet the needs of multiple departments with the security needed for critical operations.
  • The CompassLDE platform installed onsite to deliver location based data and status of mobile assets. The industry standard rest service output from CompassLDE enables the organization the option to design your own Esri based viewer using standard Esri technology.  3rd party software providers can leverage the CompassLDE data to add real time location and status to currently static applications.
  • With the free connector to the Esri GeoEvent extension, organizations can connect vehicles and handheld devices through the CompassLDE platform to build their own viewers for specific workflow. The GeoEvent display can be configured by the customer and displayed on their website for public view. Add the CompassReports app to the solution to have on the fly reporting capability for analytics.
  • CompassAVL app is an Esri based map viewer that is available to connect with the CompassLDE platform to provide basic situational awareness with Esri map data. CompassAVL is easily configurable to provide a public view real time web map for display on your organizations web site.


CompassCom supports single sign on to give you full access to your organizations Esri resources. Clients with existing Esri license or Esri Enterprise License Agreements (ELA) are able to leverage your investment in Esri ArcGIS without additional expense.

Enhance your work flow by utilizing your GIS data in the background of your MRM or integrated Esri based work flow management apps.

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CompassCom® Is Releasing Version 7.3 Of CompassTrac®


“CompassCom is proud to be part of an elite group of business partners that have been associated with Esri for over 20 years.”

Brant Howard, Founder and CEO

AVL For Mosquito Control

Mosquito Abatement Expressed in Real Time

Fort Collins, Colorado, Publishes Live Web Map on its West Nile Virus Prevention Efforts

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado, monitors the threat of West Nile virus, a typically mosquito-borne illness. Recommendations from the Health Department prompted the City Manager to recommend that action be taken in the form of a mosquito-spraying operation that could be monitored in real time on the web.

CompassCom was an active participant during the 2002 Olympics. Above is a screenshot showing the geofenced routes of the vehicles used to transport the athletes.