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Track Your Motorola Radios In Real-Time Using The CompassCom MRM Platform

Motorola Two-Way Radio and Your Fleet Management Needs, Leverage your existing infrastructure and investment while reaping AVL benefits.

As a Motorola 3rd Party partner, CompassCom provides real time location, mapping & messaging solutions bringing value to the Motorola ASTRO 25 and TRBO solutions. CompassCom is integrated with Motorola infrastructure and enables mobile resource management, ensuring worker safety, efficiency and accountability through reliable solutions that deliver real time data at multiple tiers, On Demand, Real Time GPS or GPS plus Telemetry. Learn how we provide personnel safety, situation awareness, incident management, and interoperability.

Connecting Radio Communications with Data, Analytics, and Mapping 

• A widespread use of Motorola® 2-way radio by state and local government departments, including public safety and public works, Departments of Transportation (DOTs), utilities and others. The ASTRO® 25 Network has provided a level of crispness and interoperability that is enjoyed across departments and agencies.

AVL pays for itself quickly and leverages the investment in GIS, but the Radio users, who don’t have the easy connection that the wireless cellular or internet connection has with the GIS analytics software, are left out. They do not have to be. In fact, there is a solution to integrating radio communications with data, analytics, and mapping to bring Motorola users into the AVL program and reap the benefits of a good fleet management program. You do not have to leave 2-way radio behind! CompassCom® and Motorola are Business Partners. We know how to make it work for you.

Personnel Safety • Interoperability • Incident Management • Situational Awareness

Features via Motorola Radio Infrastructure:

  • Mobile asset location data
  • Asset Status
  • Messaging


  • Near real-time location data for enhanced situational awareness
  • Empowers Command and Control


Track Your Motorola Radios In Real-Time Using the CompassCom MRM Platform