Snow and Ice Season: AVL Saves Money and Material Usage

Cities, Counties and States spend millions every year on winter maintenance for roadways. Save money, lower de-icer material/chemical usage, avoid applying materials in environmentally sensitive areas and be responsive to your citizens through AVL implementation for your snow fighting fleet.

Users of CompassCom include:

  • State DOT
  • Public Works
  • Road and Bridge
  • Water Departments
  • Utilities
  • Emergency Management

Are your plows just dots on a map? With CompassCom you get real-time, replay and detailed after action reports for:

  • Plow Up/Down, Wing Up/Down
  • Spreader On/Off
  • Material Rates, Total Material Used
  • Liquid-Pre Wet’, Total Liquid-Pre Wet
  • Road Temperature, Air Temperature
  • Route and Geofence monitoring,
  • Driver behavior
  • Public View for Organization Website
  • Pot Hole and Road Damage Mapping
  • In vehicle display for road conditions and messaging

web mapFlexible configuration:

  • Heavy Duty, 6×6 full telematics
  • Light Duty, Pick-up plow, and spreader on/off
  • Grader, Skid, Gator
  • Sweepers full telematics
  • Contractor support with portable telematics kits

web snow


How many spreader control hardware vendors do you have in the fleet? How many data sources are you evaluating to get you’re your answers?

CompassCom integrates the major spreader manufacturers to provide:

  • One snow fighting Solution
  • One map display integrated with your GIS data with real-time and replay for the office and mobile devices in the field
  • One public facing web view embedded in your website for all assets
  • One reporting system for detailed analytics and decision making

Examples of spreader controller data offered off the shelf:

  • Certified Power ACS
  • Cirus SSRX
  • Dickey John ICSMANN 2000
  • Compuspread
  • Parker
  • Epoke
  • Monroe

CompassCom will:

Save Money

  • CompassTrac ensures every snow plow is being used to peak efficiency with better route planning, driver training, and optimal material application.
    • Analytics from CompassReports can justify the short-term expense of hiring contract drivers early in a snowstorm, to keep the roads clear before snowpack occurs.
    •Portable telematics kits let you monitor contract snowplow drivers who are not part of the full-time fleet. Manage and monitor routes, speed, materials usage, and regulate geo-fencing.
  • CompassCom supports all season maintenance and public works activity to save fleet cost year round.

Improve Safety/Situation Awareness

  • Monitoring of snowplow spreader controllers allows for increased command and control across the board. The application can be shown in real-time or at the interval of your choice.
    •Keep your snowplow drivers safe in remote areas in bad weather. If an accident happens, you can know immediately and dispatch assistance to the exact location needed. CompassCom delivers the real-time GNSS location and status of each driver in your fleet, simultaneously.

Lower Chemical/Materials Usage

  • CompassReports can tell you exactly where and how much de-icing chemicals and/or sand is used on the roads before and after snowstorms. This leads to better planning and more efficient use.
  • Geofence and monitor environmental sensitive areas to reduce material usage and accountability for regulatory compliance

Put real-time viewing on your community website with CompassAVL

  • Citizens can see where the snow plows are, when they are coming to their neighborhoods, and can even track them with color-coded breadcrumbs. This gives a sense of empowerment and lowers the risk of damage claims after the storm.

Further leverage your GIS investment

  • Geographic areas that experience heavy snow and ice seasons have another way to leverage the expense already put into GIS datasets.
  • Configure your background maps in CompassTrac with plow routes, points of interest, infrastructure that meet the workflow of your organization. Incident management, with a Common Operational Picture

Mitigate Risk

  • The use of CompassCom by any organization can decrease the risk of litigation for frivolous claims. Use Replay and Reports to prove or disprove certain actions by drivers and review incidents.

CompassCom provides one solution to empower your operational excellence.

  • Incident management, with a Common Operational Picture

CompassCom’s fleet management and mobile resource tracking solutions incorporate integrated GIS, GPS, and wireless to bring real-time asset location information.

Key Features:

• Real-time tracking of all your assets in your enterprise from light-duty trucks, plows, sweepers in one all-season system to support enhanced operations
• A replay of asset location and status for after action review
• Reports to support analytics
• Full integration to Esri ArcGIS to empower the user to configure the visual experience to best fit your workflow, users can bring in multiple route options form ArcGIS to match storm profile
• Route aging and geofence
• One system that has interfaces to the leading spreader controllers, road temperature, and air temperature sensors, plow up/down.


• Driver and lone worker safety
• Sensor and controller data to ensure cost-effective application of snow fighting materials
• Improved customer service for your citizens
• Lower operational and fleet cost
• Real data to support level of service goals
• Real data to support compliance with environmental regulations

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“This will free up the Lead Hand to focus on other duties during a snow storm, It raises efficiency on our end.”

Andrew Wilson, City of Brandon Manitoba