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Leverage your investment in GIS to cut costs and ensure worker safety

It’s the rare Utility company today that isn’t already paying for a GIS data set. The GIS database and mapping capabilities are crucial for effective management today. It provides field personnel with the precise location of pipelines, water mains, sewer systems, cables and power lines, among other items. (Learn more about GIS for Utilities from Esri)

In fact, whether it’s providing Electric, Gas, Water and Wastewater management – field operations are part of day-to-day operations, and that means integrating AVL is a smart addition to the GIS investment already in the system.

•Real-time data for collection crews and service crews that perform outage restoration or meter reading
◦Enhance the ability to respond to outages, faster and to exact locations – while decreasing paper flow in the office
◦See with a glance: vehicle type, exact location, real-time movement
◦Monitor idle times (emissions); turns (route management); even lights on or off (safety)
•Geo-fence abilities to ensure valuable assets are where they are supposed to be
◦Lower risk of theft
◦Ensure crew and driver safety
•Use with Esri ArcGIS 10 platform
◦Work with GIS and OMS (outage) maps


Watch this video to find out about how Utilities can improve Worker Safety through AVL: