The Benefits of AVL for Public Works


Automatic vehicle location (AVL) is an invaluable tool that improves efficiency, ROI, and effectiveness. Though public works operations have been using GPS for more than a decade, AVL has been underused largely due to the size of the investment and the resources needed to set up and maintain in-house systems.

With the emergence of web-based AVL solutions, however, vehicle gps locator system is now within reach for smaller public works organizations, even those with limited resources. As an alternative to traditional systems, web-based GPS and AVL systems are easier and more affordable to deploy, and they offer round the clock access to data in real-time from any PC. As a result, they can provide information to a wider base of authorized users.AVL tracking with engine diagnostics

For the public works sector, AVL is a powerful risk management tool. For many organizations, the reporting requirements in the event of an accident or dispute are difficult to manage. AVL systems automatically collect important data and fleet activity that can greatly reduce the burden of driver documentation. AVL and GPS services are invaluable tools when it comes to recording evidence for claims and proving adherence to the law as well as company standards and policies.

Automatic vehicle location for public works is also extremely valuable in terms of increasing ROI and efficiency. Implementing a web-based GPS/AVL application leverages your current IT investments without incurring additional costs for purchasing and maintaining additional workstations and servers.

AVL makes it possible to access important fleet information in real-time, including speed, direction, and location. This allows organizations to use more effective Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and to track mobile resources to ensure they are where they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. In addition to improving efficiency, this also enhances safety and accountability for the whole company. This is in line with our goals of improving your companies efficiency, accountability, and safety.
AVL tracking with engine diagnostics

In terms of boosting ROI, AVL provides information that can help public works organizations cut costs. Tracking allows you to see the exact routes taken by your fleet. With this information, you may be able to find more direct routes that will decrease fuel consumption. For snowplows, AVL can also be used to track materials consumed, such as sand or de-icing chemicals. This valuable data can help you find areas where you may be able to decrease your usage and cut down on costs.

Though once unattainable for many smaller organizations, web-based applications have made AVL accessible for even municipalities with smaller budgets. For members of the APWA, including repair trucks, snowplows, trash trucks, and more, AVL is an invaluable tool that will improve safety and efficiency while helping your organization cut fuel and material costs.

At CompassCom, we provide solutions and support to help those in Public Works implement and effectively use AVL in their fleet vehicles and real time asset tracking.