Telematics Solutions for Public Works, Department of Transportation (DOT), and Utilities


April 7, 2022 

Telematics Empowers Safe and Efficient Operations  for Public Works, DOT, and Utilities. Join this session to learn how.

GIS-centric telematics solutions


GIS-centric telematics solutions provide real-time information to empower mobile workers to collaborate, respond as well as providing services with map data integrated to match varied department workflows.

​Illinois DOT, Esri, CompassCom and others will present the latest developments in real-time GIS, mobile IoT, and Cloud based deployments for the mobile work force. Wireless connectivity strategies with Motorola LMR and broadband cellular networks ensures interoperability with multiple departments and coverage across areas of service. Examples of third-party software integration to the CompassCom platform including Esri GeoEvent and Velocity web services will be shared. Case studies will give examples of best practices for safety, efficiency, sustainability, and accountability, as organizations look to improve customer service and operational excellence..

Workflow case studies


  • Public Works, Utility and DOT Directors
  • Superintendents and Managers
  • Directors and Managers of Operations and Operations Personnel
  • Solid Waste Managers and Coordinators
  • Public Fleet Directors and Managers
  • Public Facilities and Grounds Directors and Managers
  • Water and wastewater Services Directors and Managers
  • Streets/Roads/Bridges Directors and Managers
  • Parks and Grounds Managers
  • Transportation Directors and Managers
  • Stormwater and Flood Control Directors and Managers
  • Emergency Management Directors and Coordinators
  • Sustainability Specialists
  • Dispatchers
  • GIS technologists
  • Asset Management Specialist
  • Safety managers

Session Format

Hosted on an exciting and interactive virtual event platform, this event features a virtual auditorium, plus intuitive one-on-one private meetings by video.  Meet and network with speakers, attendees and sponsors in custom video lounges.

Thursday, April 7, 2022
All times in US Mountain time

10:00am – 10:15am
Facilitator’s Welcome
Facilitator: Brant Howard, CEO and Founder, CompassCom Software Corporation
Introduction and review of the state of Telematics technology for Public Works, DOTs and Utility workflows. Real-time telematics solutions are key building blocks to ensure the successful implementation of a system to enable mobile workers to collaborate, respond and provide better customer service. More than vehicles on a map, a GIS centric platform provides the common operational picture to match the user’s workflow. Overview of latest trends in technology for asset hardware, wireless connectivity, mapping, and software will be presented to set the stage for our presenters talking about their real-world experiences.


10:15am – 10:40am
GIS – Centric Telematics for Greater Operational Performance
Presenter: Terry C. Bills, Global Transportation Industry Director, Esri
Increasingly public agencies and utilities want to connect their field crews to their corporate business systems and gain greater operational control and efficiency over their operations. ArcGIS provides the platform to capture telematic information, visualize and analyze data in real time, integrate with other live feeds like weather information, and produce alerts and warnings based on status or location. After the fact analysis allows agencies to continuously improve their performance. Smarter agencies are using GIS-centric telematics to increase safety of their field crews and gain greater control of their operations for efficiency and productivity gains.


10:40am – 11:10am
Illinois DOT Statewide Telematics System Ensures the State Critical Infrastructure is Open for Citizens and Business
Presenter: Randy Neal, Lead Communication Technician, Illinois Department of Transportation
Real-time tracking and after-action analytics for over 2,000 snowplows, ETP trucks, paint stripers and mobile pump assets. The enterprise telematics solution is collecting plow status and deicing material usage, as well as location of assets to provide command and control for snow fighting and highway safety for the fourth largest highway system in the United States. Secure wireless connectivity via Motorola STARCOM 21 network ensures statewide coverage for mobile assets from Metro Chicago to rural areas of Southern Illinois. Monitoring plow locations in real-time, IDOT uses a common operational picture powered by ArcGIS. Presenter will discuss the challenges of deploying a statewide system and the benefits realized in safety and efficient operations.


11:10 – 11:40am
Streets Department uses GIS-centric Telematics to Support Award-winning Operational Performance
Scott Bowman, Senior Analyst, City of Fort Collins, Streets Department
Larry Schneider, Director Of Transportation Operations, City of Fort Collins Streets Dept
Telematics for snowfighting and sweeping for public works offer real-time command and control to empower operations. ArcGIS technology enables today’s systems with the ability to share the data with citizens via the organization website to monitor road conditions and plow activity. After-action analytics through reports and replay can support measurement of level of service and driver training opportunities. Presenters will give examples how telematics integrated with plow spreader controls empowers continuous improvement for efficient operations and safety for the City of Fort Collins transportation network.


11:40am – 11:55am
How Utility Organizations are using GIS Centric Telematics
Presenter: Mike Gyde, Chief Revenue Officer, CompassCom Software Corporation
In this session Mike Gyde of CompassCom will discuss how utility organization are using GIS centric telematics to improve response times, lone worker safety and customer service. Water, electric and gas utilities use ArcGIS for asset management and mapping. Operations needs a background maps in their telematics solution that includes the GIS of the infrastructure to empower putting the right resource at the right place at the right time. Examples of telematics integrated with asset management systems like Cityworks will be presented.


11:55am – 12:10pm
Enhanced Telematics Solutions Require Accurate Base Maps
Presenter: Hayden Howard, Vice President, CompassData Inc.
Leading telematics systems include accurate map data to best support users’ workflows. In this session, CompassData’s Hayden Howard will discuss basemap development for telematics systems that incorporate commercial off-the-shelf data or new custom data acquisition as well as leveraging users’ existing GIS data. He will touch on latest in Esri ArcGIS Online map data, imagery, mobile mapping, and drone imagery/Lidar that is used for asset management and transportation networks. Examples will be provided of how to enhance Esri ArcGIS data to make your real-time telematics system empower decision making with a common operational picture matched to your workflow.




Brant Howard
Founder and CEO, CompassCom
Brant Howard is the Founder and CEO of CompassCom Software Corporation a provider of GIS centric GNSS Tracking Systems. He is an innovator and leader of the CompassCom Team to develop and deploy tracking systems for mission critical applications. Brant has undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Geology from Indiana University. His experience includes the US Geological Survey; Camp, Dresser & McKee, and endeavors in the Remote Sensing, GPS and the electronic technology professions. Brant holds Patents in Geospatial and Mobile Resource Management technology, and has authored articles in technical journals relating to Geology, GIS, remote Sensing and Mobile Resource Management. He has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver, and presents at seminars and conferences worldwide.


Terry Bills
Global Transportation Industry Director, Esri
Terry Bills is the Transportation Industry Manager at Esri. He has over 30 years’ experience in transportation planning and policy, information technology and GIS. Terry has been with Esri for 15 years, where he provides subject matter expertise and thought leadership in transportation.


Randy Neal
Communication Lead Technician, Illinois Department of Transportation
Randy Neal is Communication Lead Technician with the Illinois Department of Transportation. He started at IDOT December of 2017. Prior to that, Randy was a senior technician in a Motorola service shop in central Illinois for 37 years.



Scott Bowman
Senior Analyst, City of Fort Collins
Scott Bowman is a Senior Analyst for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado. Scott has worked in the Information Technology field over the last 34 years at the city and during that time has been involved in all aspects of technology, primarily specializing in Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) and Asset Management applications.


Larry Schneider
Director Of Transportation Operations, City of Fort Collins
Larry Schneider is Streets Superintendent for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado. Larry has been named one of the Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year by the American Public Works Association. He started working for the city as a streets crew chief in 1980 and in 1982 became the Streets Superintendent, where he oversees all Streets Department operations, including the street maintenance program, snow removal, sweeping, graffiti removal, crushing operations, traffic control, and maintenance of all road shoulders, medians and alleys. Under Schneider’s leadership, Fort Collins has become a nationally recognized leader in innovative snow operations, including equipment, materials and technology, training and storage facilities.

Mike Gyde
Chief Revenue Officer, CompassCom Software Corporation
Mike Gyde is Chief Revenue Officer for CompassCom. Mike has on the ground experience with Compass clients helping them use telematics solutions to solve their operational challenges. Prior to joining CompassCom, Mike worked in the Phoenix area with Belcan, Performance Software Corporation, Alt Software, Quantum3D, Honeywell and the Arizona Department of Transportation. He was an Associate Professor in Avionics at Stavanger University in Norway, where he also worked with PROSYS. Mike is an aerospace professional with experience in international business, business development, marketing & sales, safety critical software architect and delivery, engineering execution, process compliance, and personnel management. His specialties include avionics, geospatial, DO-178B/C and DO-200A.

Hayden Howard
Vice President, CompassData
Hayden Howard is Vice President of CompassData, Inc., He has over 18 years of experience in the areas of survey, photogrammetry, and geospatial data development. Leading telematics systems include accurate map data to best support users’ workflows. Hayden has accumulated a vast amount of field survey experience, in-office processing experience and has a keen knowledge of the different geodetic requirements put forth by customers around the world. He has collected data in multiple countries from the Outback of Australia to the Arctic Circle of Alaska, and has managed the collection, post-processing and final deliverables of large projects both domestically and internationally. He has worked with multiple satellite, aerial imagery, LiDAR and RADAR providers, and understands the requirements for terrestrial data collection to tie a remotely sensed product to the ground. Hayden is head of business development and sales for the CompassData team. He is well known and well respected in the industry for his knowledge of the technology and his ability to bring innovation and success to the corporation.